Monday, July 09, 2007

Ad news on a Monday morn

+ Beckham and Gillette part ways. Aww.
Speculation had been rife since late last year that Beckham's existing three-year Gillette sponsorship deal, which expired at the end of last month, would not be extended.

The company has been trying to rejig Beckham's portfolio of deals to include profit-sharing or merchandising elements.

Existing deals with the likes of adidas, Coty and Motorola all go beyond Beckham appearing simply as a "face" in brand ads, unlike the relationship with Gillette.

It is also thought that by ending the deal Beckham is free to extend his relationship in the male grooming sector with Coty beyond fragrances.

RedBull attempts giant ad to be seen by people in airplanes landing at Heathrow Airport.
ed Bull is attempting to break the world record for the largest ad by creating a logo the size of 60 tennis courts in fields beneath the Heathrow airport flight path.

The advert, which will be around 125,000 sq feet, forms part of a wider campaign by the energy drinks maker to promote the Red Bull Air Race World Series, to be held in Britain for the first time.

A second giant outdoor ad, beneath the Gatwick flight path, will measure around 120,000 sq feet.

Each advert, set to be completed by Sunday, will take five workers working 16 hours per day two days to create.

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