Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tequila aimed at women

+ Marketing Tequila to Women - Oh pah...are they going to make their packaging all pink and crap? :(
ith the $3 million launch of inocente, the company plans to position tequila as an upscale alternative to vodka for women ages 21 to 34.

"Tequila has always been marketed as this bastion of maleness," says Bruce Rekant, president of ITBBC. "But our research found that 49% of tequila drinkers are women, who are totally ignored by tequila marketers." So inocente, sold in a "sexy bottle that looks like a vase," will be marketed like an upscale fashion or fragrance brand, he says, using out-of-home ads located outside strategic stores, such as Dolce & Gabbana.

He estimates that women probably consume between 75 and 80% of their tequila in mixed, margarita-like drinks, "but there are plenty of young, affluent women out there doing tequila shots, too. It's just a fun, celebratory drink." Inocente is all natural--hence the name--and triple-distilled, which makes it smoother.

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