Friday, August 17, 2007

This and That for a Friday AM

+From Time, Why We Buy The Products We Buy.

From the NYTimes, Now, the Clicking Is to Watch the Ads, Not Skip Them.
The proliferation of portals dedicated to advertising as entertainment could mean the trend is already peaking, just as cover articles in magazines about a stock market boom are often followed by plunging indexes.

“I don’t think it is so much about putting entertaining commercials on the Web as it is about brands providing immersive experiences for consumers of which entertainment is a component,” said Mr. Jacobs of MRM, whose agency recently won praise for musical Webisodes for Intel, directed by the humorist Christopher Guest, which are appearing on Web sites like and

The responses to a survey this week on the Adweek Web site ( suggest that advertising as entertainment is still a work in progress.

As of yesterday afternoon, 13 percent of respondents agreed the portals were “great fits for the current pop culture,” while 43 percent called them “too limited and doomed to fail.” The remaining respondents, 44 percent, agreed with a statement that they are “complete wild cards; let’s wait and see.”

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