Tuesday, September 11, 2007

AT&T Mobility campaign to launch

+ New AT&T Mobility campaign to launch.
Since January, AT&T has been promoting the combination with Cingular in a brand campaign carrying the theme “Your world. Delivered.” The new campaign retains the theme as it seeks to portray a “seamless world” in which mobility is the most important element.

The campaign starts with six commercials featuring actors playing characters like a globe-trotting actor, a working mother, a traveling TV reporter and a multi-tasking student. They describe how they are always on the go and need a communications company that can serve them wherever they are.

To underscore the message, the names of cities, states and countries are mashed up, or mixed together, in fanciful combinations, as when the actor declares how AT&T meets his needs as he travels through “HollyyorkazonaSouthAmeriland.”

By the end of September, AT&T plans to open an online store at att.com where consumers can personalize and buy merchandise like T-shirts and mugs bearing their own fanciful renditions of all the places to which they are connected.

The goal of the campaign is to “add meat to the bone, giving consumers more detail about the new AT&T,” Wendy Clark, senior vice president for advertising at AT&T in San Antonio, said yesterday in a telephone interview.

The commercials “tested very well” with consumers before their release, she added, in delivering the message that AT&T is remaking itself “in a mobile-centric way.”
Work for this campaign was done by BBDO NY.

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