Thursday, January 03, 2008

Links To Sip 01.03.08

+ Yeah, so while I was hoping to post something a bit more meaty today, too much has gotten in the way. The evil evil evil project server issues that are insane and making me loathe Microsoft even more, working to get the Adland Roundup for 2007 up (it's nearly finished) and actually getting work done for clients.

Check out the Adland Roundup for 2007 (or what is done so far):
2007 Adland Roundup - A look back at the year in advertising
Adland Roundup - The Ads - Part 1
Adland Roundup - The Ads - Part 2

Hoping to get the last two parts up tomorrow.

Now for some links:
Hammer is to be the spokesperson for a dance social network where you can upload your dance videos and win stuff.

Fidelity is shifting some print work in-house, which isn't great for Arnold.

Wired looks at how Facebook's "Social Ads" might make you an unwitting star in those businesses' next Facebook ad campaigns.
Almost overlooked in the Beacon hubbub were the new display advertisements dubbed "Social Ads." These ads, bought by participating businesses, insert your name and profile picture directly into their pitches. Based on anecdotal evidence, the ads started to roll out right before the holidays.

According to Facebook, a user has to take a "social action" in order to trigger the appearance of their name and picture in an advertisement. According to Facebook spokesperson Brandee Barker, that could be almost any activity that the user does on Facebook, "such as the download of an application and the acceptance of a friend request." It could also include becoming a "fan" of a business by clicking a link on that company's Facebook page.

But are Facebook users aware of the results of their so-called social actions? "When you become a fan of Blockbuster, nothing tells the [Facebook member] what that means," says Jeremiah Owyang, senior analyst at Forrester Research. Indeed, when you add Blockbuster's Movie Clique application, there is no notification that you are allowing Blockbuster to use your name and profile picture in a display ad. Owyang suggests that Facebook ought to inform users up front and make it very clear what "becoming a fan" entails, or change the system to an opt-in model. Currently, there is not even any way to opt-out of participation in Social Ads, other than by avoiding associating yourself with any corporate brands on Facebook.

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