Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mother Embraces Content

+ Mother London is getting into the publishing business. Mother Comics published a stand-alone comic (aka graphic novel) entitled "Four Feet from A Rat" on the 19th of March in copies of London's Time Out.
Four Feet has four stories featuring killer zombie night-bus drivers, post-apocalypse aliens picking through the detritus of a long-dead human society, a gangster pigeon - Don Pigeone - and an anti-consumerist revolution where the vicious global hegemony of brands such as Starbucks and McDonald's inspire an underground movement.

None of Mother's brands feature in the comic, and indeed there are no adverts, apart from spoof branding for Sucks Coffee and Tesda. "It's about us providing content - something we've always said we need to do," added Med. "How can we sit in front of a client asking them to do bold work if we're not prepared to take a risk?"

The next piece of Mother content is a film, according to Med, but he insisted it is under wraps for now.

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