Thursday, November 13, 2008

Alton Brown for Welch's

+ My favorite Food Network cheflebrity, Alton Brown, has become the spokesperson for a new Welch's campaign. One of the spots is viewable on Welch's website. There is also a section on the site dedicated to videos where Alton expounds on the health benefits and talks up the "complex food topic". Check the vids out here.

Sadly, one of the best things about Alton's "Good Eats" show is his inventive and fun-loving use of props, which none of these videos make use of. They could have made them much more fun and enlightening by following more of the format that he uses for technical explanations on his show - which seemed to be part of their reasoning for choosing him. Boo.

The campaign by VIA Group launched Monday and runs through March and is intended to reach Gen X moms and push the polyphenol antioxidant benefits of the product.

*Fun Fact: Before going to cooking school, Alton Brown was a commercial director. Wonder if it's funny to him to be the talent in an ad now. :)

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