Monday, November 17, 2008

This and That: 11.17.08

+ Lots of interesting reads this morning. Afraid my Firefox is going to have a fit if I try opening a new tab.

Times Square getting first green billboard - The billboard construction starts this month and will be for Ricoh. It will powered by 16 wind turbines and 64 solar panels. Interesting.

Are logos as powerful or effective as ads?

Epoch Films to launch new venture Dandelion which will be dedicated to programming and entertainment sponsored by brands.

IBM study shows some interesting stats, including: "respondents prefer ad-supported models for accessing digital content services at a rate of "three-to-one" vs. consumer-paid models, presenting a distinct opportunity for advertisers"; "More than three-quarters (76%) of consumers surveyed have already watched video on their PC, up 27% from last year, while 32% indicated they have viewed video on a portable device or mobile phone, up 45% from last year."

An interesting article on Why Yahoo Still Matters for You.

A nicely written piece on the paragraph in web typography and design. Sadly I think quite often typography is overlooked on the web. But if you're building experiences and sites to hold content, it is a necessary piece of the puzzle. Not just how the headline or copy in graphics will look, but also the way in which you style html text.

Adweek celebrates 30 - just don't tell them it's the new 20. ;) Lots of interesting articles and lists and such in honor of the event over there, including one on consumer's media use and behavior and how technology has changed the way agencies spin a brand's story.

Need to follow your client's brand online? Check out Addictomatic, looks like it could be a handy little tool for that.

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