Sunday, August 02, 2009

On cup games

+ The other day while hitting up The Facebooks, I saw in my feed a post from Slurpee which was pimping their new campaign all about Slurpee-napping. No, not the snoring under your desk at the office after a night out with coworkers and clients, but the kidnapping kind.

The site is home to the faux Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Frozen Beverages. Your job is to enter the game and try to help track down the "victims'" Slurpees. It's also about collecting codes on cups and by playing the game.

The fact that it's got a code on cup component will definitely help provide success to 7-Eleven, since I'm sure the goal is to increase store traffic. (I mean, isn't that always the case?) Just like Monopoly works wonders for McDonald's with increased purchases and foot traffic during their gaming period. But, even with other brands always on the look out for something that will drive people into stores to purchase and purchase more, one also has to wonder, if it works so well, why don't even more companies use this tactic?

In this day of social media madness, it should be a component of how these games work. Yet, I've not heard of any brand that has leveraged their Facebook, Twitter or other network presences in a way that pushes these type of games to the next level.

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