Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Work-related rah-rah for Dunkin' Run iPhone app

+ In this week's Adage, which I was just flipping through (yes, I get a *gasp* paper version), I came across this article about marketers getting wise to designing apps with a purpose.

Earlier this year, my company worked on the Dunkin' Run for Dunkin' Donuts--one of our clients here at Studiocom. As we built out the overall platform, and especially as we worked on the mobile components including the iPhone application, we used this "app with a purpose" as our mantra.

It's fantastic to have our Dunkin' Run iPhone app listed in the Cream of the Crop apps of the article in Adage. We're psyched. Overall, we've seen good feedback on it. And in the future we look to build upon it. So, go team!

Now that the rah-rah part is over, I'll reiterate the overall theme for the article as well--it's important to look at what a tool like an iPhone app can provide to the end-user. Apps that are fun and fluffy can be the right path, but it all depends on what is right for your brand and the customers. Every app we create for clients we ask ourselves (and the client) certain questions to figure out what makes the most sense. Because, who in their right mind wants to blow money on building something that no one will use? User-testing, interviews, research are all important factors in figuring out the strategy. Sure you can just wing it, and you might be successful. But the majority of the time, it takes real planning to achieve success.

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