Monday, May 31, 2010

This and That: 05.31.10

+ Customize your own 6-pack from Heineken and AKQA. Nicely done.

+ How Regional Y&R Brands Group CEO Nigel Marsh faced the work/life balance.

+ Brands seek emotional/rational balance
One reason that the topic is getting more attention, and that more emotional appeals may be seen in the months ahead, is that the recovering economy may be making consumers less intent on focusing strictly on short-term value and more open to longer-term benefits or aspirations that lend themselves to more visceral messaging, noted ANA President/CEO Bob Liodice.

Digital media's ability to connect with consumers on a personal, emotional level is another major reason that finding the right balance in a brand's overall marketing is top-of-mind for many marketers.

Web sites were most-cited (82%) as a touchpoint for building emotional connections with consumers -- not surprising, points out Liodice, as more and more brands go beyond product information/ ordering to offer communities. Other key touchpoints include the sales force (66%), CRM (64%), television (55%) and call centers/ telemarketing (52%).

+ It's Quit Facebook Day - but according to this article only 2% of US users will do so. I think the numbers are a bit screwy in their research - but suffice to say, the point that it will not be a mass exodus today is probably fair.

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