Thursday, October 07, 2010

Made the Finalist MITX List

+ It's always nice to hear our work made the shortlist--or finalist list--for an award show. It's nice to know that the result of late hours and 60+ hour weeks were recognized.

Congrats to everyone and a big thanks my Studiocom peeps who helped get the entries in!

See the full list here.

Here's a tiny bit about each of these campaigns we're nominated for:

Best Cross Media Campaign 2010: Project: Keep it Coolatta II: Flavor Boogaloo
This campaign was created to help promote Dunkin' Donuts Coolatta and promote the message about flavors and awareness around the ability customize your drink by mixing various flavors together. Music was an obvious pairing. We asked fans on Facebook and in rich media banners to submit songs tied to different flavors. Then we created a DD Pandora station which was completely branded, where we had the ultimate summer music mix based on the submissions. It's actually a pretty good mix and very eclectic (Listen to it here.) We also leveraged mobile to get out the word about the different flavors and the ability to mix them up by repurposing a flavor mixer element that we created for our Rich Media and on the Facebook page (in the app tab). Mobile was also used to promote the Pandora station as well, and users who clicked on the mobile ad were able to add the station to their Pandora app on their phone.

Best Use of Search 2010: Project: Hope for Haiti
Studiocom in partnership with CHARLES RIVER INTERACTIVE for The U.S. Fund for UNICEF worked to maximize search to help drive donations for the crisis after the earthquake in Haiti. CRI folks worked tirelessly to optimize the campaigns.

Branded Content 2010: Project: Maurice, the Talking Espresso Bean
To help promote lattes and the espresso line up at Dunkin' Donuts, we created Maurice, the talking espresso bean. He, like Dunkin's lattes, provides a pick-me-up to those who need it. He lives on the DD Facebook page, as well as on He's a fun character to write for, and our voice talent was great to work with too.

Consumer Goods 2010 and Social Media Strategies 2010: Project: Create Dunkin's Next Donut Contest
We won at MITX last year for this project in the Best Cross Media Campaign, but Dunkin' Donuts ran the contest again in 2010 and we made some improvements to the user experience in the gallery and with a "My Donuts" section where people could create and save their donuts. This project has been one of my babies, and it's great to see the client love it, the consumers love it and it be recognized by the industry as well. Even thought the contest is over, you can go play with it here.

Social Influence Applications 2010: Project: Dunkin' Donuts Facebook Brand Page
We really got a lot of traction from one of the first social campaigns we did for Dunkin' Donuts on their Facebook page and it just went from there. It's fantastic to have a client who really believes, and understands, how social is another medium to work with. The Fan of the Week is the result of that first promotion, Keep It Coolatta, where fans were asked to change their profile picture to one with them and a Coolatta to be eligible to win prizes (this was before Facebook changed its policy about contests and amount of money spent with them in a media buy). We then would showcase the winners as a Fan of the Week. It was so successful we continued with it. And, other brands have followed. We also continue to do various activities on the Dunkin' Donuts Facebook page that engages with the fan base.

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