Friday, October 22, 2010

Social Media Doesn't Run On Its Own

+ Everyone and their brother is jumping on to the Social Media bandwagon. And, why not? It's apparently cheap, easy and anyone can do it. Or is that a bag of lies?

1) Cheap. Not really. Sure it's cheaper than a :15 Super Bowl spot or your average commercial. But it does take resources. You need someone or a staff of someones to staff and monitor your properties in the social space. This person/people are responsible for posting Facebook status updates, tweets as well as responding to wall comments, tweets, etc. It's not a one way street. That's what is so exciting about this new channel. But someone(s) have to be there to mind the shop. It's always on, even if your business isn't. Social Media doesn't sleep.

Look what happened to Motel 6 on their Facebook page after not paying attention (click to enlarge the image):

2) Easy. Well, it's definitely not rocket science or brain surgery, but it does take thought and planning. A strategy is nice too. What do you want to achieve from social media? What are your goals? Is it right for you? How does it integrate with any other campaigns? It's a lot more than just setting up a Facebook page or Twitter account.

3) Anyone can do it. In theory, yes, sure. But should anyone? Would you hire just anyone to manage other aspects of your brand? Deal with customers? Probably not.

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