Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Egypt: A Moment of Thought

+ As a fellow human being, with a believe in freedom and basic human rights for those throughout the world, I feel I need to stray a little from my usual topics here to write something about what is going on in Egypt.

I could talk about how they used social to bring all these people together, to get the word out and unite people together for a cause many of us take for granted. I could talk about the politics and corruption and whatnot.

Instead I want to write about how I am moved by these people who have brought about a wondrous movement that shows the spark of the human spirit and the embodiment of humanity.

Overall, the protesters have set up ways in which to police themselves, to keep their areas of protest clean, to basically self-rule themselves is inspiring. To know that when there is something of such importance, of such desire, to know that people can do so in a manner which retains their dignity and honor.

It's not about waging a war...or fighting in a violent way. It's about making a statement and they have done so in a very impressive way.

As an American, I have never witnessed anything of this magnitude in hoping to have something that I have and was born into. I am with you Egypt. Stay strong!

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