Monday, March 14, 2011

A Copy Lesson: Put an end to "this x day" headlines

+ Every holiday we see it. Ads that tout stuff like "This St. Patrick's Day" or "This Mother's Day" in headlines all over the place. Is there a reason we need to use "this"? How about "for" instead?

Are you afraid I might see your ad and think it's for next mother's day? Or, perhaps you might mean last Mother's Day. Honestly, it peeves me to no end.

It's not necessary and just makes your copy longer, without good reason. So let's please just cut it out.


no said...

I'd also like to put a memoriam on ads that start with Hey (fill-in-the-city) likes seriously i'm from pittsburgh, but a trite comment about "the stillers" or polish people will not get me to buy your product.

Jane said...

But if you don't call out the city, how will people X place know you're talking to them!! ;)

fairuse said...

Beginning a message with the word, This, a concise way to reference present time. But it does suffer the side effect of being a throwaway word, in the casual sense.

The common usage; "This [ insert time & space reference ] why don't you [ insert { buy | sell | give | enjoy | shoot-in-the-head | take | drown-a-kitten } ] and you will be satisfied.

I'll take shoot-in-head for $20.

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