Saturday, July 09, 2011

Pimp your Google+ with extensions

+ It's been just over a week since Google+ launched. And already there are extensions to modify, tweak, enhance and more. And not from Google, but from 3rd party developers.

Here's some of what I've found (note: these are all for Chrome and I haven't tried them, just listing what's out there):

- Add your Facebook stream to Google+ with this browser extension. It allows you to view your wall and post to FB so you can do so from one location.(read more) Get it here. There is also another similar extension from another dev here.

- Add your Twitter stream to Google+. There are a couple of these already. One is made by the same folks who did the Facebook extension (mentioned above), called . Get it here.

- There is also Helper for Google+ which adds a twitter link to every Google Plus post and a link to translate posts with Google Translate. Get it here.

- Extended Share for Google+. This extension allows you to share spots in your Google+ stream to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I think it was the first (if not one of the first) extensions out there. Get it here.

- +Comment Toggle. This extension hides any comments to posts within your Stream and makes them available if and when you actually want to see them. Get it here.

- Surplus. If you want to access your G+ notifications at any time from your browser bar, this lets you share or respond from within the popup. Get it here. There's another similar extension here in Italian.

- Replies and more for Google+. Using this extension adds a "Reply" and "Reply to Author" to your stream for easy +mentions of other users. Get it here.

- Google+1 allows you to +1 any page as it sits in the top of your Chrome browser bar. Get it here.

- The extension "++" extracts the Google+ profiles of the people whose names appear on the page you visit. Get it here.

- QuickView for Google+. This adds QuickView style keyboard shortcuts for Google Plus. Get it here.

- Color Plus extension lets you change the color of the main bar of Google+. Get it here.

- There's even an extension to skin your G+ to look like Facebook. Why? I have no idea. But if you want to get it, go here.

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fairuse said...

The comments thingy looks like it is useful. There is a mute in the context menu that did nothing. (Right hand triangle. I keep clicking it thinking it will collapse comment/post/?? but it is a menu. Got me? I would have made expand/collapse.)

Safari is dead for google+ because of poor video execution and stupid way flash runs on it. The internal flash model in Chrome is nice and fast. Want to see a weird thing? Sure you do. In terminal type ps -axc and press return.

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