Monday, September 03, 2012

I'm back, sort of...

+ With the craziness of this year so far, this poor blog has been neglected. I've been to busy to think about what I think. I was just doing. And doing. And when I wasn't doing, I was too tired and fried to do much more but find ways to do nothing. Overwhelmed wasn't it. Burned out wasn't it either. But, whatever it was, that is the past and I've gotten out from underneath (well, mostly...still working on it) and am moving forward.

 Last night, two big projects for one of my clients launched. It's not ground breaking stuff, but it's fun for what it is. If you're interested, check out Dunkin' Donuts Henson's Big 'N Toasted Workplace Jargon & Sweepstakes (national) and The Great DD Gronk Off (local DD Boston market). Both are Facebook apps, one promoting the Big 'N Toasted Breakfast Sandwich which is a national promotion. I had some fun writing some new buzzwords. And I'm proud of some of the ones that made it through the approval process. The other is promoting DD's Bakery Sandwich line and features Patriots' tight end, Rob Gronkowski (a.k.a. Gronk). There is little more challenging than writing scripts for non-actors. But, I have to say, I think they turned out decent. The post-work on them helped to jazz them up a bit. I know neither are Cannes Lion worthy pieces. But hopefully they generate awareness and a bit of buzz to accomplish our client's goals.

 Anyway, more to come soon.

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