Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Life, liberty and gay marriage

+ Today and tomorrow, Supreme Court is looking at two cases about marriage equality. They are looking at Prop 8 from California and if the fed­er­al De­fense of Mar­riage Act wrongly denies mar­ried gay couples equal be­ne­fits. 

These are issues that effect friends and family. And typically, I don't blog about political things here. 

But the fact that there is even a question about the constitutional validity of DOMA is laughable. 

This nation went through something similar in the past. Segregation and "Separate but equal" didn't work then. Why would it work now? 

I am married to a man, but I was not married by a person of the church. A good friend married me and my husband, with the power of the State and permission from the governor (and as special as that sounds, it's a common occurrence).

But am I still married? Some would say yes, because it's between a man and a woman. Sacred blah blah blah. Ok, so yeah. Sure, look at all the 1-month Hollywood marriages and folks like Limberg and others who completely desecrate their marriages. They sure are upholding some special, sacred thing. *cough*

Honestly I'd be fine if anyone married under the church is considered "marriage" and anyone married under the state is a "civil union", which is what my marriage would be. But the rights and privileges would have to be the same.

But, my bigger concern is how folks talk of freedom and take it away from those who don't share the same opinion. People who love each other and decides to have a life together has nothing to do with someone else not in that relationship. It is also a direct barring of their freedom as a human being and as an American. You can't say you love freedom but then claim that your opinion on something is more valid than the freedoms of others. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is what we are talking about here. Not ideologies and religion. 

Let's get over this issue and focus on the ones that really matter. Education, economic stability and so many more other pressing things than getting involved in someone else's love life. 

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