Friday, September 13, 2013

Will x-in-a-box trend hit big brands in 2014?

Mail order was huge years ago. Think Sears catalog. In this digital age, it's some what interesting that it's back again, with an influx of curated "x-in-a-box" startup companies like Barkbox (dog treats, toys, etc), Birchbox (makeup), Graze (snacks), WimseyBox (crafting supplies and tools), and Shoedazzle (shoes), DollarShaveClub (razors), and the new Blackbox (nailpolish).

In June, Barkbox was generating $1 million per month. And, it's still growing, retaining 90-95% of its subscribers month over month.

As of July, DollarShaveClub shipped about 1 million cartridges to its 300,000 members, and is going up each month. The company is also planning on expanding its product portfolio with 15 or more types of products that will help them "own the bathroom", as CEO/Founder Michael Dubin stated.

With these trends, will the usual brands jump on the bandwagon with this trend? Probably not, unless they already have the infrastructure set up to handle shipping and all the other aspects that go into a business format like these. Plus, if the brands can be featured in someone else's box for sampling, why bother creating a service when you can become a part of someone else's?

But, who knows...maybe we'll see this as a push for a 2014 trend.

If you want to see more lists of what you can get in a box shipped to you, check out these more extensive lists here, here, here, here, and here.

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