Friday, January 17, 2014

1-800-Dentists and PS4 get it right

+ In the typical mishmash of boring, forgettable TV ads we are inflicted with daily, here are a couple of the ones that have stood out to me because of their great strategy and insight.

1-800-Dentists - New Job

You've got to love it when a brand that typically does safe ads actually does something that's funny and touches on a truth.

At the end of last year 1800Dentists launched a TV spot that still makes me smile when I see it. Concept is telling the story of a guy who got a new job and needs to find a dentist so he does what most of us do, poses the question to his friends on social media. And the response he tells us about is something a lot of people (especially a younger demographic) are probably familiar with.

Result is simple, funny, and memorable.

PS4 - Perfect Day

This spot from BBH, NY captures the whole point of gaming with friends perfectly. It's great storytelling. In fact, my husband who is into video games, loves this so much he told me I should work for the agency that created it. Ha.

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