Friday, July 31, 2015

8 ways I keep up with ad news

Some times people wonder where I get my links and news from. And for a long time, I liked to keep it under wraps, but today I decided to share some of my sources with you.

1) Flipboard:
I follow a lot of different magazines here and aggregate my favorite or noteworthy stores into my own. Currently I have 5, which seems to work well enough. That might change in time.
See my profile here to follow any of my magazines.

2) OpenStrategy:
A great resource about strategy and thinking which also sends emails (Yup I get these too). You can sign up here for the emails.

Largest Super Bowl archive and the latest ad news from around the world in one place.

4) Feedly
With the death of Google Reader, I moved to Feedly. I keep track of many sites there, although there is overlap with this and flipboard, which I just find more user friendly.

Daily emails feature 5 curated links from a list that get voted up or down on their site (see here). Some great articles and featured work. Mostly focused on digital design & UX, although sometimes there are bigger branding themes as well.
Sign up here.

6) Fraggl
Fraggl is a "daily email of the 10 must read links on selected topics, brought to you by a surprising combination of smart computers and interesting people". Currently advertising, design, and health are available.
Sign up here.

7) Strands of Genius
Strands of Genius is a weekly newsletter curated by Rosie & Faris Yakob. Each week they "find the awesomeness on the internet so that you don’t have to."
Sign up here.

8) Mediapost emails
There are loads of topics you can sign up to receive alerts or aggregated emails. Around the Net in Brand Marketing, Research Brief, SocialMediaMktg Daily, and Accounts on the Move are just a couple I receive. More here.

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