Friday, June 28, 2002

evening cool down

Thank Lister it's cooled down a bit...finally. We had quite a stormy late afternoon with plenty of deafening thunder and some crazy lightning and oooooodles of rain. The heat and this nice sunburn I aquired on Tuesday from walking on the beach had made this quite a yucky, hot, sticky day. Although I did get my site redesign done, mostly. Still a few little bugs to work out (cross-browser/platform garbage), but it's all together. I can't imagine doing that for a living. So many little changes and if one change happens on something that goes across more than one page...ugh. At least I've got it down to a relatively simple thing now. More or less.
C. came over last night and I cooked us dinner. It's weird, sort of, how much I look forward to seeing him, even after only a couple days of not seeing him. But, he makes me happy and when I'm with him I forget about all the crap that gets me down every other minute of the day. So, I think it's a good think. Tomorrow I'm going over to watch "the game". I don't even know what game that is. Oh well.

Women pose naked at windows for 'mammogram by satellite'. I found this sad and amusing...why anyone could believe a satellite could do a mammogram...and sad that someone would take advantage of someone who could.
A Dutch restaurateur invented an exotic new scorpion dish - and nearly killed herself and her colleagues. Heheh...whoops! Odd that someone would think the idea of eatting a scorpion would be tasty. Although I guess there's plenty of things we eat now that could be questioned in the same way.
Scientists spot light struggling against black hole Neat! Einstein predicted this but it had never been observed until now.
Snood- a fun game to download.

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