Wednesday, June 05, 2002


Looks like Hubble's infrared vision is back and online again. The first test images were released today. Such cool picutres. I really find that stuff fasinating. C. and I had a discussion about space and how vast it could be and how do we know we're not just some small part of something else over dinner one night while we were away. I love chats like that. One of the most interesting parts of that convo was if there is an "edge" to the universe...what is it...and what's on the otherside? Is there nothingness? It hurts the brain to try to contemplate this kind of thing sometimes. But I think it goes to show how insignificant humans are. I guess I have to say that I'm of the opinion that there is a possibility of life elsewhere in the universe. They have already found evidence of water having been on Mars, which is the basis for least as we know it. It's so closed minded of people to think that in the massive vastness out there we could be the only ones. Heck, technology today, as advanced as it is, only lets us see so far....and it's not that far. Not in comparison to the distances out there at any rate.
Now, in a sort of related thing, we have two scientists who have developed a whole new theory on how the universe came to be. They think in our universe, time never ends. They also say that they believe there are more than the three dimensions that we know of...possibly ten. In some respects I think their theory makes sense. If all this matter got together and created the big bang...where did it come from? I suppose that then leads to the question of even if the universe is timeless...stuff had to come from somewhere...or does it just exist?
And to go even further...there's the question "Do other universes exist?" Quantum mechanics seems to say it is a probability. But how would we ever know they do actually exist when we can't even see a fraction of our own universe? Mind boggling!
I would love to have one of those multi-billion dollar telescopes one day. How cool would that be to have something like that in your backyard?

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