Wednesday, June 05, 2002

late night

from Conan. I haven't seen Conan in ages. He's so good. I wish he'd take over the earlier late night spot. Although I suppose then he wouldn't be able to get away with as much as he does.

I did a search on google for this blog...just out of curosity. Way too many things came up...most being java programing things.

I think it's cool the way blogs belong to all kinds of people...but i just wish some would take the time to make sure it's legible. One I ended up at tonight was a white background with a white font. You'd think someone would check that. Oh well.

The Ad*Access Project is way cool. Old ads from 1911-1955 are archieved here. And Emergence of Advertising in America which also archives ads from 1850-1920. Some awesome illustration in those.

Ugh...Carson Daly is hosting another show? Why? Whyyyyy???

Yikes it's late...better hit the hay.

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