Tuesday, June 11, 2002

pink elephants

Well, the appointment with the psychic advisor was supposed to be today but I called and said I'd reschedule. I don't know if I will but, C. was home from work today because of his knee so I decided to play Florence Nightingale and help him out. Which mainly meant getting him coffee and breakfast and then keeping him company. It was nice to get an extra day with him, especially since we didn't get to see each other on Friday night. While I was there I made my sister's birthday present so I accomplished something :)

Coming home late always bites when there are no sheets on the bed. I had taken them to mum's to do laundry Sunday and went straight over to C.'s afterwards so I've not been home to take care of that crap.

Let's see:

Did you know there was a coalition of pro-rabbit groups? Organizations such as the House Rabbit Society, friendsofrabbits.com and Michigan Rabbit Rescue are trying to get Subaru to pull a new commecial featuring the release of a bunny into the wild. So far it seems that the adgrunts have agreed to have the spot altered to make it more clear that this bunny isn't a pet being released.

Job ad friendly people isn't fair to unfriendly folks. Hahaha. How weird.

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