Sunday, June 09, 2002


I wish I had my own super vacuum. I just have this little stupid dustbuster because I can't afford to spend $140+ on something like that, at least not right now. Mum lent me hers...and it's so nice. Even though the majority of my apartment is hardwood floors, it works so much better on them than a broom or mop to a point. Cleaning is such a pain. I have to go to mum's today to return the vacuum and borrow her washing machine/dryer to do some laundry. Maybe I'll make some cards today for upcoming birthdays and the ones that I missed that I should have sent cards out for. I just haven't gotten around to that. I have a card for a friend of mine that's been sitting in my bag for the last month almost. All I have to do it put a stamp on the stupid thing and drop it in the post. I should really do that. I'm usually pretty good about getting these things out too. :\

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