Tuesday, June 04, 2002

a valient return
*sigh* Back from my little trip away. It was so nice. We didn't do much, but, it was enough to be able to spend time together. Guess it's also a little bit of a preview of what to expect when we move in together :)
We did some sight seeing. Went to the place of the first transistor communication between the usa and england. It was pretty cool. We also drove around through a bunch of the little towns there. Very cute and quaint. Way too many antique shops. Went to the beach and watched the sunset...very beautiful. Ate out way too much. Rented some films (Jay and Silent Bob's something or other and American Pie 2). Did most of a jigsaw puzzle (he is really good at those!). And some erm...other stuff ;)
As I've got tomorrow off...I'm sure I'll be back and have more to post...once I get unpacked and organised...well, as organised as I get.

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