Saturday, July 20, 2002

First...finally not melting in my apartment for the first time in ages. I was able to take a *hot* shower and enjoyed it very much! street vendors with radio ads and a website??? weirdness. and a webcam??? Yikes! I dunno I find this really funny. Just goes to show that my sense of humor is quite screwed up. The most amusing bit is the sounds he's got when you're on the page of what I'm guessing is supposed to be someone eatting a sausage.

New layout for, at least since I last visited a while ago. Looks much
There's an interesting article on how NASA needs to work on new programs to get humans out into space again. Not just orbiting the Earth but back to the Moon and on to Mars. It's amazing to think that it's been over 30 years since humankind has taken that kind of trek. Back in the day, after those first trips to the Moon, I wonder if people thought that kind of space travel thing was going to become a more commonplace event? In many ways I find it weird too, because the technology exists already. It's not like the first trip to the Moon where no one was absolutely positive that it was going to be a possible thing. Sure we've got people up on the space stations and trips out of our atmosphere have been made...but why aren't there more expeditions to the moon or Mars?

Can satelites help forecast earthquakes? In 2000, Congress allocated $2 million to NASA to see how space technology could help to predict earthquakes. And the result is the GESS...Global Earthquake Satelite System study. Quite interesting.

On this day in 1969, humankind first touched down on the moon. 33rd Check out NASA for images and history stuff.

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