Friday, July 26, 2002

Friday Stuff
Friday Five
1. How long have you had a weblog? Since May 2002. Not very long at all. Well, then there's my other journal which I started um...end of last year (yes, I'm too lazy to go look at the exact date).
2. What was your first post about? Testing it out. Like most.
3. How many changes (name, location, etc.) of your weblog have there been, if more than one? Only one layout/design change so far, but who knows what the future holds.
4. What CMS (content management system) do you use? Do you like it or do you want to try something else? Blogger for now. I could be using Dreamweaver and just be doing it myself but I'm too lazy and I like that I can update from other computers too. There's also my livejournal thing too...although it's not used as much.
5. Do you read people who have both a journal and a weblog? Or do you prefer to read people who have all of their writing in one central place? Usually just read one of them...but so far there are only a few that I read regularly and they tend to be all in one spot.

Friday Group Therapy 1.5
1. How well did you do in History class in school? I did okay. Helps that I had two parents who taught the stuff. But if it's something I wanted to learn about, like the medieval history classes I took in college, I tended to do better.
2. Who is your favorite historical "good" person? Shakespeare or Chaucer.
3. Who is your favorite historical "bad" person? Um. Henry VIII.
4. Is there a historical event or era that has caught your imagination? The renaissance in Europe. All that creative thinking...yowzah!
5. If you could choose any historical time and place to live, where and when would you choose? The medieval period is my favorite. There's just something about it. The great dresses and all kinds of things. Granted being female during that time wasn't the best, and unless you were nobility, life was very hard. So, I'd want to be part of the English royalty of some kind. :)
6. If you could go back in time with your present knowledge intact, where would you go and what would you do? Hmm. Good question. Let's see. So many options. Gah I can't decide. :( -Go back to before I found out I was getting laid off and tell myself to look for work, when there was some. -Go back to where my stepdad died and make sure there were EMTs there who could have handled the situation, or take him straight to the hospital before it happened. -Go back to yesterday before my hair got butchered and stop him. There's plenty more, and I could spend the day doing I'll stop here.
7. Which version of the beginning of time do you subscribe to? (Big Bang, Biblical Creation, etc...) Big Bang...or some variation of that.

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