Monday, July 29, 2002

PromoGuy's Monday Mission 2.30
1. What is your favorite snack food? My favorite are Red Vines. Or BBQ potato chips/crips. Or guacamole and chips. Does anyone you know have weird tastes in snacks? Not really. I have known some people who did like some strange things.
2. Ever caught yourself saying "well it can't get any worse" and it does? Yes. What's the story there? Not much of a story really. I'll say it when I am trying to keep from being depressed or down about something. I don't think I usually mean it when I say it though.
3. I have a super-short attention span, and it always was my downfall in school, especially math class. What's your attention span like and how has it served you? Somewhat short, although if I need to be very focused on something, like a particular project for work, I can do it.
4. Do you believe in the existence of extra-terrestrials? Sure. I don't see why this planet, in the whole of the universe, would be the only one to have conditions conducive for life. Whether or not they are like ET or something, I don't know.
5. What do you think of the whole "crop circles" phenomenon? I think it's weird. Not really sure what to make of it.
6. Ever had a time where you begin visiting with someone you don't know all that well and just find you "click" like long lost pals? Tell me about how that came to happen, and who was it? What kind of things do you have in common? Not really. I've clicked with people but not like that. Although I guess C and I clicked like that in a way. We knew each other vaguely before we met up again last year and started dating, but not very well. We share a love of music british comedies, and various things.
7. When I was at the cemetery a few weeks ago, I began to recall my Dad's funeral so many years ago. It is so vivid, sitting there in the family room as his friends passed by and paid their respects, the music, his face, the tears. What funeral do you remember most vividly? My step-fathers three years ago.
BONUS: How can I forget you, girl? You can't ;D

First Date
Do you remember your first date? Now, for all those geeks amongst us I'm using a very broad definition of the word "date" here. It can just as easily be a cyber date. I don't care if you met in person or not. Just tell us about your first date! (please)

I guess my first date was going to the beach with this guy Nick. It was the summer between 8th and 9th grade. He was really cool and I liked him and we spent a good part of the summer going to the beach and hanging out. I think, although it is a little fuzzy now, that our first date was going to the beach near where I lived. We hung out for the day and then we went home. Nothing super crazy but fun.

Participation Positives
~had an interview today
~i made it there on time
~I got my heath insurance squared away and it's a whole 5 bucks cheaper than now
~i bought the new chili peppers CD...yay!
~it's not melting in my apartment like it is outside
~my toenails are blue (nail polish, not from some weird medical condition)
~i caught the bridal bouquet at the wedding I went to this weekend....wait is that a good thing? ;)
~i didn't say anything stupid at the interview today (gah i hope I didn't)
~diet sprite...mmmm
~i am not hungover today.

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