Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Two for Tuesday
1. Describe one thing that is guaranteed to make you laugh - every time you see, hear or do it? monty python and the holy grail...for some reason it just doesn't get old. best viewing of it was a theater in LA. great when everyone is saying the lines...or you can look around and see them all mouthing it.
2. Give us an audio/visual description of your laugh - not that fake one you use around your boss and people who aren't actually funny, but your real laugh.
Um. I guess it's sort of loud and deep and very ha ha ha...

This or that?
1. Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton? Charlie Chaplin
2. Laurel & Hardy or Abbott & Costello? Laurel and Hardy
3. Marx Brothers or Three Stooges? Three Stooges
4. David Letterman or Jay Leno? Leno
5. "Saturday Night Live" or "Mad TV"? SNL
6. Adam Sandler ("Mr. Deeds") or Mike Myers ("Austin Powers")? Mike Myers
7. Jerry Seinfeld or Ray Romano ("Everybody Loves Raymond")? neither but if i had to pick I'd go with Jerry Seinfeld
8. George Carlin or Bill Cosby? George Carlin
9. "Monty Python's Flying Circus" or "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In"? Python!
10. Gone but not forgotten...John Belushi or Chris Farley? John Belushi

Tuesday Too
1.) Do you have a friend like Mr. Potatoehead? In other words do you have a friend that trouble seems to follow like a bad penny? Tell us about that friend or one of his/her bad pennies? I don't think I do. Which surprises me.
2.) Was there something you really meant to accomplish, or really wanted to do that you didn't do last week? How come you didn't do it? Last week I meant to finish fixing my sisters present but I never got around to it. Mostly due to being lazy and I also couldn't find something I needed. But I have located it, so I should do it.
3.) Pretend you're in the market for a therapist. What would be the therapist's most desirable quality? Why that one? Effectiveness. I'd like to know that their patients were happy with how their treatment was going and all that. I mean if they aren't effective, it's kind of pointless.

smart phrase...language translator

Dialectizer page. From redneck to Piglatin...start translating.

Family Affair is a new show to be part of the UPN/56 fall lineup...starring Tim Curry...oh dear. I hope it's good. I hate to see actors I like take on a crappy role and tarnish their reputation. Although he has done some silly roles, but, oh well.

Ozzy underfire with two lawsuits.

Founder of dead dot-com site puts internal memos online. internalmemos.com

Scientists discover tender touch 'love nerve'.

Black Sabbath goes Mediaeval thanks to Estonian quintet. An Estonian quintet has released an album of Black Sabbath covers played in the style of the Middle Ages. All 12 tracks on the album Sabbatum are sung in Latin by the group Rondellus. heheh. Funky.

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