Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Tuesday stuff

Two for Tuesday
1. If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go and why?
This is a tough one. I would love to go to England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Morocco, Egypt, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Amsterdam, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy...I'll stop there. I love seeing new places. I've been to England and Italy but there's just so much to see, I know I missed seeing lots of things.
2. Back to reality. Have you got any summer vacation plans?
Not really. A couple possible weekend trips to the Cape maybe but...that's about it.

Tuesday Too
1.) What is the most important thing going on in your life this week?
Trying to get a job. Looking for a job. Calling people to get me a job.
2.) Tell us about your quintessential faux pas.
I blame myself for things that I have no control over.
3.) Why would you most likely be nominated to speak your mind, and what is it you're going to say? Doubtful someone would want me to speak my mind. But if they did I suppose it would be because I know about some subject...perhaps advertising or being unemployed ;)

This or That
1. Rented lodgings, or staying with friends/relatives? Rented! well depending on the length of the stay. Short stays with friends/relatives can be good too.
2. Lots of activities, or just lying around doing nothing? Depends where you are. If in a new place, like London or Dublin or something you have to go out and enjoy the place. But camping and other trips...lying around and doing nothing certainly does have it's merits as well.
3. Blogging while on vacation...yes or no? If it doesn't interrupt your vacation or time with who you're traveling with, why not?
4. If you have children and/or pets...bring them along or make other arrangements? Since I have none I don't have to worry about this. But if i did, I'd say if going on a road trip take them along (depending on the type of pet), unless it's a get-away for parents. Then no kids or pets. Just love :)
5. Do you cook while away on vacation, or eat out every day? In the past it's usually been eat out every day. Although if I'm staying with family or friends, we tend to eat in too.
6. Do you pack light and plan to do laundry while away, or overpack and wash everything when you get home? I always try to pack light...I'm getting better at it, but I still overpack.
7. Drive to your vacation spot, or take some kind of public transportation? Depends where I'm going. If it's nearish...will drive. Otherwise is a plane or something.
8. If you have a cell phone...on or off while away? Off but check it once a day or so just in case of an emergency call.
9. Bring work along or not? No. That's what a vacation is for. Although if I had to I would.
10. Returning home with more stuff than you originally took with you...yes or no? Typically...yes.
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