Monday, July 15, 2002

Just called the unemployment office to see if I was eligible for unemployment again. Man, I hate to do this. So sucky. I've had been trying to get through all day. "All our representatives are busy, the estimated wait time is 40.5 minutes." Yikes. Finally got it to where the wait time was only 19.7 minutes...thankfully. From my adventures calling before, it's rarely as long as they say it will be. The man who I spoke with was rather nice. It's nice to have someone who isn't crabby when you're dealing with this sort of thing. But I'm all signed up just have to wait and see if it's all good and how much I'll get. Doubtful it will be as much as it was last time...although if they go by the ad freelance wouldn't be too bad. So, we shall see. There's nothing more I can do about it now at least. And then there's the possibility that work could come about.
I tried contacting one of the temp agencies I had used in the past but stopped using as they paid quite poorly and weren't very good. When I first went in and interviewed with someone there, actually two people, both were gone when I called and tried to connect back with them. Now the "new" contact I had is gone. And the "head" of the recruiters(? what the heck to do you call these people?) isn't returning my phone calls. I really don't want to work with these people as they obviously are not the best. But the place that I do like, which had been getting me rather steady work, has not had much of anything. So I gotta do what I gotta do. The thought occurs that I should perhaps contact a couple more temp agencies as there are tons of general office temp ones around. I'm just tired of the stupid interviews you have to go through and the typing tests and such. I wish I could just get the results from one place and pass it along with my resume and leave it at that. Of course they want to test you for themselves, because it takes up more of your time. So it's fun! I guess I'm just lazy in that respect. I just want the job, I don't want to have to be interviewed ad nausaum.
This time I hope I remember to get the taxes taken out of the unemployment check...I learned a lesson the last time. It's bad to have to pay it all at once in April when you still have no money. :x

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