Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Well yay...the Gilmore Girls that is on tonight is one I've not seen. Grooviness. At least it helps in taking my mind off the heat...well just a little bit. I have taken 3 showers today so far and wet my hair about 10 times. It's like i need to have a spatuala on hand every time I want to get up. Humidity is making everything stick to everything. You have to love it when the weather is 90F at 8.30pm! C invited me over to his place since my ac is broken. But since I'm going over there tomorrow I guess I can deal with it. I don't want to be a hangy girlfriend. Not like the his roommate's, um, girl. Ugh, that situation is kind of wacked. Very wacked if you ask me. Although, both involved are somewhat wacked themselves so, I guess it is only natural.At the wedding on Saturday, during the ceremony, I happened to look to over at them, as they were sitting next to C and me, and he reached for her hand and she moved away. I started laughing but held it back. Surprising that he was the one reaching number one. And number two, since they are supposedly nothing serious this time, I thought it kind of odd that that's what was going on. But ah well, it added some amusement to the day. Adding to that, I caught the bridal bouquet too! It's very pretty. It came right at me too, which is kind of scary. As soon as I realized it was in my arms, I started laughing. Partly because I was quite sloshed, but...also because of what "it means". Ah well, I know it won't be happening for a while anyways so nothing to worry about.
And I worry too much as it is. It seems lately I worry about every little thing. It keeps me from sleeping. I lay in bed at night and my mind goes. And goes and goes. And it's like 15 billion thoughts all at once. And I don't know what to do with them.*sigh* I think it's almost time for another shower.

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