Saturday, August 24, 2002

And on it goes
This place is looking more and more empty. Which I guess is a good thing. I got a job for next week doing some transcribing so I won't have as much time to get the last of things out of here. Tomorrow is big stuff moving day. Ugh. Yucky. Oh well. Needs to be done.
It's very weird to be moving back home, even if it is only for a month. Last night I cleaned out my closet and dresser drawers (for the first time in ages) in my room at home to make more room for my stuff. It was sort of weird. I think I ended up with 3-4 trash bags of clothes, shoes, and various other things to donate. My mum wants to "sit down and discuss" what we expect of each other during the month to make living arangements more...suitable for the both of us. I suppose it's a good idea, although I'm not looking forward to it. Free rent though, so I suppose I can't complain too much. While cleaning out things I found some funny old stuff. I think I need to get a box to put all my "memory" things in, instead of having them scattered all over the place. It would make sense. Maybe that will be a project for me to do while I'm home. I also want to put some photo albums together too. I've got tons of pictures that need a home, other than the envelope things they come back from the developing place in. Also I'd like to organize them before I forget when they are from too.
Going to a BBQ this afternoon, which should be fun if not interesting at least. Meeting C's cousin who is on leave from the military and her boyfriend. And maybe out to Cornwall's for a drink later on. Just have to be careful not to drink too much tonight, because moving with a hangover will be awful.

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