Saturday, August 24, 2002

Saturday Scruples
1. You're an M.D. A patient asks you for a sick note. She took time off work to visit a daughter who just had a baby. Do you provide the note?
Of course. Pregnancies are just like going to see family who just had surgery too. And if a boss wouldn't let them go without one, well, boo to them.
2. In a supermarket, you send dozens of packages tumbling into the aisle. No one sees you. Do you tip toe away?
Probably. If it was only one or two I'd put it back though.
3. A colleague is out of her office. You notice her paycheck stub on her desk. Do you glance at it? No. Because most likely it would only make me upset or something and it's not worth all the trouble. Besides, it's none of my business.

Saturday-8: "You Come To My Senses"
1. Your eyes, nose, ears, tongue, skin. Which is the most sensitive part? Probably my ears. I'm sensitive to some noises, like high pitched stuff...I swear I'm part dog or something. Which one do you like the least? My nose. Why? I think it's sort of a funny shape. Which one has the best feature? My eyes I think. They are blue but change depending on what I'm wearing and stuff. Sometimes they are more green. Sometimes more gray.
2. How good is your eye-sight? Do you wear any glasses or contact-lenses? If you do, since when? Pretty bad. I can't see much without my glasses or contacts in. I prefer to wear my contacts because they are easier. I started wearing glasses in 7th or 8th grade just to see the chalkboard.
3. If you could afford and you have the time to do a plastic surgery, which part of your body you want to "repair"? Lipo on my stomach I guess.
4. Do you ALWAYS get what people tell you? Or do you need them to repeat what they are saying often? Usually I do. But sometimes it needs repeating, depending on what I'm doing when they are talking to me.
5. Sensitivity. How sensitive are you? Is your skin is sensitive? How about your feelings? Tell me. I'm pretty sensitive emotionally, although my skin isn't very sensitive. Although I do burn pretty easily.
6. How is your skin? And your lips? If you need some lotion for your skin, what the brand you use? And for your lips? My skin is pretty groovy. Except for the occasional blemish on my face it tends to behave. In the winter I get dry elbows though. I like to use a passion fruit lotion from the Body Shop. And lately I've been using their Vitamin E lipbalm too, although my lips don't get too dry during this time of year.
7. How ticklish are you? Where is the most ticklish part of your body? I'm quite ticklish. Although I've gotten better at not being as ticklish as I used to be. But once someone starts tickling I tend to be super ticklish. Most ticklish part would be my sides I think or my feet.
8. List the function of each senses of yours. The out-of-ordinary ones! (We all know that toungue is not always used for tasting flavor, don't we? *wink*) Hahha. Um. I'll answer this one later.

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