Monday, August 05, 2002

Austria launches anti-moaning ad campaign. What a great way to use government funds!

I'm posting this article in full because it's amusing. Find it here.
"Sperm-shaped booze bottle slammed"
A row has broken out in Holland over an alcoholic drink served in sperm-shaped bottles. Anti-drinking campaigners say it is a marketing gimmick which wrongly associates sex with alcohol.
The bottles of Popsy contain a vanilla-caramel flavoured drink carrying the slogan "I'm coming". The Dutch Foundation for Alcohol Prevention says the campaign is perverse and breaks advertising codes. He says the codes are there to prevent the link being drawn between drinking and sexual or social success. The Foundation's Wim Van Dalen told Twentse Courant Tubantia: "They've crossed the bounds of decency. Its absolutely not done to link alcohol to sexuality that way."
I'm amazed that this even got this far. Must be a very different kind of client. I wish they had a picture of the bottle. I'm curious to see what it looks like.

Found this cool weblog. All about coffee and coffee related news. Groooovy!

Another fun site to spend some useless time at is Memepool. (thanks to gnos for this)

A more down-to-earth hypothesis on big, black, triangular UFOS from the National Institute of Discovery Science in Las Vegas, Nevada. They claim that some of the UFOs that have been seen are US Military air craft.

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