Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Two for Tuesday
1. Describe one of the best gifts you've ever received. My cat Carmella. She's such a sweet kitty. I wish she could live with me but she stays with my mum.
2. Describe a gift that you gave to someone else that was a really big hit. A necklace I made that was purple and blue with these funky square silver beads.

This or That
1. What's your personal clothing style ... trendy or classic? Somewhere between the two. Whatever fits good and is comfortable.
2. Do you shop for designer names or stick with the more generic brands? Depends on the price and how it fits and if I like the styles. I tend to have a lot from Banana Republic mainly because their clothes fit me well.
3. Work clothes: dressy or casual? casual for the most part.
4. Days off style: dressy or casual? casual.
5. Women: high heels or flats? High heels. Although flats do have their good points too. Mmmmm shoes.
6. Do you have a large wardrobe, or just a few carefully selected pieces? Medium sized I guess. I'm working on cleaning out the stuff I don't wear and donating it.
7. Do you shop for clothing at stores or from catalogs/internet? Stores. I'm sort of between sizes and I prefer to try it on first.
8. Are most of your clothes dry-clean only or machine-washable? About half and half. Most work clothes are dry-clean only.
9. You buy an article of clothing and realize it is all wrong for you when you get home. Return or keep it? Definitely return it.
10. Hats: yes or no? Yes in the winter. Baseball caps are okay sometimes too.

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