Wednesday, August 21, 2002

The great box expedition
Moving is a major pain. It's the only time when useless boxes become priceless commodities. I had to see if I could get some boxes from the liquor store down the street. I have found in my many moves that the liquor boxes are best for kitchen things like plates and glasses because the boxes are usuallly a bit thicker and more sturdy than those you'd normally find. I was prepared to deal with whoever was behind the counter. Luckily, they had placed a good number of boxes on the sidewalk. Only a few weren't broken down, but that's fine. I have tape. I can put them back together if I need to. So I stood on the sidewalk, probably looking a bit like a weirdo, poking through the stack of boxes and rearranging the ones I didn't want. I didn't want to leave a huge mess on the sidewalk. That would be just rude. So I am arranging these boxes and when I turn around, there's this homeless guy sitting in front of one of the shops next to the liquor store looking at me like I'm a bit crazy. I had to find this amusing. It suppose it would seem a bit weird. But I got my boxes, and I didn't have to interact with anyone from the store so yay! On my way back to my apartment, I walked past the island of newspaper machines and grabbed a handful of free newspapers, as I didn't have any of those either. So now I've got plenty of paper (I hope), and plenty of boxes (I hope) to continue on with the ordeal of packing up my things.
Still no word on the job front. I am thinking of calling later this afternoon if I don't hear from them, if only to see if they even have an idea on when they will be making a decision. It's hard to not let it get in the way of other possibilites, but I'd really rather have this job than just get a freelance gig for month or two. Maybe I should go sacrifice a chicken or something.

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