Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Argh. Frustration stuff first. I'm waiting to hear back about that job. Today I got a phone call about a freelance gig, that would be great, and I need to know what my situation is going to be. I hope I hear back about the job soon. Stressssssss! Blah. I suppose it's good stress though. I mean better that there be too many opportunites than none. Today I have to go to a state mandated seminar on creating a "good" resume. I'm not really looking forward to it, but, alas, I have no choice. Since I am getting unemployment money, I have to do what they say. I suppose it's not all that bad, but I wonder how much useful information they can give to me, as advertising (especially creatives) looks at resumes in a different light compared to most other businesses. But, I'm willing to play along.
It's finally cooled down a bit. YAY! I'm so glad. It's rainy today and overcast but that's fine. I'm just happy I can exist without feeling like I've been locked in a sauna.
Last night I was able to get myself to stop thinking instead of lying in bed with a thousand thoughts going through my head. It wasn't easy but I did it! I used a bit of a meditation technique, and it helped. I need to remember that because it may be what I need to keep doing in order to get a decent nights sleep. I have used these "natural" sleep aids called Calms, and they work okay, but I'd rather be able to get to bed without the help of chemicals, natural or otherwise.

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