Friday, August 23, 2002

Made some major headway. I think I'm going to need more boxes. Gah! Not many more though...thankfully. I really need to get the car loaded up and bring this trip's worth of stuff to where it's going before afternoon traffic gets too bad. Then again, today is a day I wouldn't mind traffic so much. Don't ask why...I have no idea myself. Now I have to see how much of this stuff I can cram into my car.
I wish I had Jeannie's (from I Dream of Jeannie) or Samantha's (from Bewitched) powers...oh to blink or twitch my nose and make everything go where it needs to!
Sunday I'm getting C's help in moving all the big stuff that I need a truck to move. This will entail taking down bannisters, taking the front door to my apartment off it's hinges to get the bed and kitchen table out (I'm assuming we will anyways since we had to to get the stuff up here). I'm wondering what I'm going to do without a bed for a few days. I guess I can crash at C's place for a couple days. But I'm trying to have it so that I can at least have a chair and table to put my computer up on since I'll still have a phone and stuff to surf the web. I need to cancel that stuff too. (note to self- cancel phone, electricity and long distance!) Having all the big stuff out of the way will make it easier to douche this place so I'm not stuck with a cleaning fee from Mr. Landlord. But, I'd really like to keep my bed here. Oh well. We'll see. Maybe I should bring it up with C and see if it would be possible to do a couple of things Friday night or something. I definitely don't want to do any moving Sat or Sunday as those will be absolutely hectic days around here- it's like the whole city moves on September 1st and everyone becomes insane. I'd like to avoid that at all costs. When I moved in here I was able to move in a couple days before the 1st...which made life soooo much easier.
*blink* dang it didn't work. *twitch* booo. I want superpowers!!!

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