Saturday, August 10, 2002

Perseids in sight
Perseids Shower coming up August 12th...peak of the shower for the US. These meteors are the dross of a comet called Swift-Tuttle. Neatness! Hope I'll be able to catch these. Sad I missed the Leoniods last year.

Gnomes on the run
101 missing gnomes found. The funniest part of this story is this part, "The Front for the Liberation of Gnomes says it's campaigning against the enslavement of gnomes." Yes, they have a web site.

help the stupid?
This is absolutely ridiculous. People on the web help a woman pay off her credit debt. I just am flabbergasted that people are actually sending this woman money. Karyn put over $20,000 USD on her credit card and is now asking people to help her pay it off. At least she's honest in saying that she spent most of it at Bloomingdales and the like, but I mean...this woman has a job. There are people much more deserving of people's five bucks. There are hundreds of thousands of people and organizations who could use this money, as opposed to some dumb ass girl living beyond her means. In response to this, Ben and Bob have created the Don't Save Karyn site. If you give them money instead of Karyn they promise to spend it in creative and inventive ways. Their site is a complete spoof of the savekaryn site. The most amusing thing on the SaveKaryn site is the Daily Buck section where SHE gives advice on saving money. Oh the irony.

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