Wednesday, September 25, 2002

A bizarre finding, considering the advertising
Subway has featured the infamous Jared, who lost 245 pounds eating only their subs, in their advertising ever since he lost the weight. But oddly enough, if you check out the Subway site and the press release section you will find this press release in which "Subway Corporate Dietician Lanette Roulier stresses that the chain does not endorse the "Jared Diet." "It’s great that it worked for him but I would rather he had eaten a balanced breakfast and more fruits and vegetables," says Roulier. She adds that individual needs vary and dieters should always consult with their physician and/or dietician before embarking on a weight loss program." If they don't endorse the diet he created, why is he in every bit of advertising they do? It seems a bit backwards. True they never say you should do the diet yourself and focus more on the fact that the foods are lowfat and whatnot. I wonder if there's legal on the ads saying they don't endorse the diet that I just haven't noticed? I'll have to keep an eye out.

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