Wednesday, September 25, 2002

I think the web hosting issue is resolved. I hope so. They said it would take about 15-20 minutes for it to start working and they gave me the week it wasn't working free. Good on them. As it should be. The guy I "spoke" with in IMs was nice about it and appologized. As it should be. I was told they have been in the middle of moving offices. I told them that if that was the case then maybe they need to put a note on their site somewhere about it so people don't think the morons, out to steal their dosh. That would have been the smart thing to do I would have though. Oh well. Hopefully I won't have to really deal with them anymore and things will just flow.
Sent some samples in to a guy for a copywriter position today. I would have rathered just have him go to my site, but, alas, since it be in limbo, I couldn't. I tried to set up a mini-folio for aol webspace that I have there but he couldn't view it in Netscape- which I'm guessing is a css issue. So I ran to the post office, after hoping that during the day I could get the web site issue resolved and just send the link to that, about five minutes before it closed and sent my stuff. It actually turned out kind of neat. I sent him the web site which I burned to a CD. If you double click the index it opens up in the browser (or should, if not you just drag and drop it into a web browser window) and then you can view it as you would a web site. But just in case that was too technical I included some "paper" samples and a copy of my radio reel. I think I covered all my bases. I hope I did. And all this just to get an interview. Oy vey!

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