Monday, September 09, 2002

Disjointed thoughts
Firstly, for the two of you who come to this page, I appologize for the lack of images. My web hosting co is having a few issues they need to sort out, so I'm kind of stuck. Which is very sucky when it comes to my portfolio, because I can't direct potential hiring people to it to look at my work! Grrr.
Okay, can someone explain to me the appeal of Emeril LaGassi? (or however you spell it) I don't get it. He adds onions to a pot and the audience goes crazy like he just did something amazing. They are onions. They go in the recipe. I don't understand why it calls for people screaming and clapping. No wonder his sitcom tanked. Well that and the fact he is a chef trying to be an actor. *cough* Yeah right. Common cross over. Maybe I should change the channel.
Today I did not do much. I went to the post office to send something for my mum, went to an art store to check out mosaic tile options and pick up some card stock to do some note cards for C's mum. I've got this table that I've wanted to redo the top of since I got it pretty much. I think it would be very cool to do a mosaic on the top. It's not so big that it would take forever to do either which is good. I asked if the store had mosaic grout, since they had the mosaic tiles. And some snide lady responded "well of course we wouldn't have it." Now, her response makes it sound like it would be a ridiculous concept for a store to sell not only the tiles but the grout you use to set them into. But hah, if you thought so you'd be wrong and gauche. Pleeeease darhling, we'd not be so tacky as to have grout. Hah. It really peeved me. But what can one do? I also got a couple little things for holiday presents. Yes, I'm actually thinking about that now. Mainly because since I'm on a budget, I'm going to need to figure out what I'm doing ahead of time so that I have a good lead time for any projects that will take some time. Last years cookies were a hit and miss thing. I don't think people appreciated them as much as I had hoped. Then again there's always just too many baked goods during the holidays. Maybe that was part of it. I guess I should start making a list of who will be getting gifts and some ideas for each. At least many people I have to get gifts for are coupled, so that I can get one gift for both if necessary. And this time I will know not to waste my energy doing shit for any of Chris' friends. They aren't worth my time or money. But whatever. I made an attempt, unrecipricated or not, and it's not like they are my friends. I could really go into my feelings on this but, I'm too tired to do it now and it would go on for a bit, and probably be rather uninteresting to anyone including myself.
I am so craving carbs and sweets right now. It's making me crazy. I'd love a piece of cheesecake or cake or something. Gah. I need to not think about it.
I have had the tv on and was flipping around through the channels and there was a thing on about a woman who thinks Hussain is connected to the Oklahoma City bombings froma few years back. How is it that they are just now figuring this out? Sometimes things amaze me in that this event occured in the early 90s (or mid 90s?- okay i'm not positive on the date), but it's taken this much time to figure out this connection? I dunno, does it make our governement and justice system look a bit the fool? Just seems a bit handy to make this discovery now as Bush is trying to get the support of other countries around the world.
I know nothing right now. Head is spinning. Even though today was just another useless day, I'm tired. Went to bed late last night and woke up early this morning. Well earlish. And I did my job searching stuff today (as I do every Monday, Wednesday and Friday), and that always stresses me out and makes me depressed. Oh well tomorrow is a non-job search day. Although I'm working on an idea for a self-promotion piece so, I may work on that. I am starting to worry that I am going to be creating too many projects for myself during this month that I won't get a chance to finish them all. :x I hope not. Well I'm sure there's more to say but now it's not the time.

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