Monday, September 09, 2002

Playing Pundit
Bush met with PM Tony Blair this weekend to discuss attacking Iraq. So far Blair is the only world leader who seems to be backing Bush's plan. Although they both say that "they" know that this is the right action to take. But who is "they" and why don't they come forward? I'm don't understand why there is no nation or leader publically backing this idea if supposedly there are some that do agree. It seems very odd to me. I can't see how the US (and whoever else decides to join in) attacking Iraq will improve the global opinion of the US. Since a third of the world hates the States already, maybe it doesn't matter. Maybe we shouldn't care what other countries think of us. But what I fear is the possible bringing of countries who are on the fence to the "other" side. Those who may consider it a good idea to attack here again. More fuel for the masses of extremists in many countries who find the policies of the United States to be interfering and dominering and whatever other ideas they seem to have. Why are we going to fuel this? Is there another way to go about removing Hussain from power without a massive military attack? For the muslims, it would just be the US getting involved where it doesn't belong and forcing it's ideals down a country's throat. So near to 9/11, this also makes me think that it could fuel more of the hatred that Bin Laden and his cronies use to brainwash people into committing suicide attacks. Is the attack a good idea? I'm not sure. In many ways I have a very naive idea that in the 21st century you'd think that we as humans could work out our differences without the losses of thousands of lives through bloodshed. But power and desires seem to be very strong human characteristics that aren't going to disappear, maybe ever. Fighting over small locations of land, over religious ideals, and the sort will probably continue until the end of the human race. That idea is very sad and very depressing in many many many ways. The fact that as a race, we really haven't grown all that much is somewhat surprising, and yet not.

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