Tuesday, September 10, 2002

News blips
Swedish politician wants there to be more porn on TV to help boost the population. This has to be a first. Normally it's people complaining there's too much sex on TV. More bizarre I think, in that it's a change from what you'd expect, the politician is a woman.
Harry Potter wannabes now have a school in Austria. Europe's first school for witches and wizards is a six-semester course, including learning to make potions and cast spells, ending in a "sorcerers' diploma." It says there is a website for this school, but no link. Hmm. It sounds pretty cool though.
Two gunmen who took hostages at a Pizza Hut in Boston during a bungled robbery pleaded with their victims to tie them up to fool police. Obviously not the smartest of criminal minds.
Art director starts a "no sneezing" campaign.Carl Wilson of the Eindhovense Muziekcentrum Frits Philips in Eindhoven, a famous Dutch art director, is launching a national campaign to stop people from sneezing and coughing during concerts. Maybe its because I'm in the ad biz, but this just sounds like a way to do some work to submit to the award shows. (yes i'm feeling somewhat cynical).
Stupidity?? Hundreds injured in Indian "stone throwing festival". Residents in Pandhurna and Sabargaon, two villages on either side of the river Jaam, formed groups along banks of the river and hurled abuse and stones at each other. That has to be one of the more bizarre festivals out there. I guess it just is one more point to show the stupidity of the human race sometimes. I can' imagine willinging wanting to participate in a festival where rocks are thrown at me. But then again maybe I'm just not fond of stonings. Call me crazy.

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