Tuesday, September 10, 2002

It's HooooooooooooooT today! Ugh. I'm debating going for a walk on the beach or to the gym. I think the beach would be nicer. But I'm not sure. Decisions. hrumph. Also thinking of checking out a different art store than the one I went to last night to see what kind of mosaic supplies they have there. The table I'm redoing has particle board that needs removing. Which will mean I'll need to break out a saw and cut some wood to fit the frame for a base (or maybe I can get C to do that for me). Does anyone else remember some silly song about Particle Board? I know I'm crazy but I swear there was one. Maybe I'll try a search for it on google.
While eating lunch I had the TV on and there was a press conference stepping the US up from terror alert yellow to orange. And certain parts of the military, specifically navy i think, are on the highest alert possible. Eeek. This doesn't look good. But better safe I suppose. The sort of weird part is that the govt is saying that the terrorist cell "chatter" is mimicing the way it was last year before the attack. But this time they are taking it more seriously. Makes you wonder why they didn't before. Just a thought.

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