Wednesday, September 11, 2002

To Daddy


You're now the speed limit! :D
In honor of his b-day, I've dug up a poem I had to write for some school assignment years and years ago (remember this when you think out cheesy and bad it is *lol*)

"My Father"
For a father so dear to me
Who is so far away
I hardly ever get to see
But think of him every day
Together we like to play basketball
And tennis is our favorite sport
He pitches to me while playing baseball
But he is the best either playing golf or on the court
He is my father who I love
When I think of him memories get swirled
And as sweet as a dove
My father is the best in the world
My father who I love so dear
I wish he was always near.

I can't remember when I wrote it but it had to be 6th or 7th grade I think. Anyways, have a great one pops!

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