Monday, November 25, 2002

End of summer
We got our heat fixed finally. It turned out we needed a new thermostat...and the dude came this morning to replace it. Yay. Now if it's hot in here, it's our doing. The repair guy for our place was on vacation last week so he had a good reason for not getting back to us but it would have been nice if he had put something on the answering machine regarding that so we didn't think he was just ignoring us.
Other "exciting" news...I had my first fender bender with another car this weekend. Not fun. Thankfully no one was hurt and my car came out of it okay. Unfortunately for the woman who was behind me, the front of her car now has a decent crumple going on. It all happened because the car two cars in front of me stopped short, so the car in front of me stopped short and so on. And each car got closer to the car in front of it. I had to be half an inch or something away from the car in front of me. And of course no other cars pulled over or stopped to make sure we were okay. Typical. But what can you do?

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